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Women’s Breakfast and Women at the Well

Women gather together with a Christ-centered purpose to learn God’s Word, encourage one another and pray. The meeting is usually held on the second Saturday of the month. Women at the Well is held on Friday Nights.

Prison Bible Study

The Prison Bible Study is held at the Westchester Correctional Facility in Valhalla, NY on Thursday evenings at 7:30 P.M.

Tuesday Night Bible Study 7:30 P.M.

Using a Hebrew roots approach, this inductive Bible study looks to the Scriptures for its relevance today.

find us on under Congregation of the Messiah for live teachings.

Thursday Night Prayer 7:30 P.M.

We gather for corporate prayer in the church hall. The prayer time is a guided prayer using Scriptures, daily devotions and teachings from the Church fathers and Christian classics. Find us on Facebook live.

Musicals: "Miracle on Main Street"

Every year our Sunday School children put on both a Christmas and Easter musical or drama presentation. It is one of our highlights as a church and a real treat for both parents and kids. It gives them an opportunity to share the Gospel in their own way.

Spring and Fall Family Retreats

Our church schedules two retreats per year as means to get away and get with God.  Spiritual retreats have been known to extend, enlarge, and expand the Christian walk.  It will extend your fellowship with God by you spending more uninterrupted time of prayer and reflection.  It will enlarge your perspective.  Spending time with God, hearing His word, worshiping, praying for deeper understanding will allow you to see circumstances people and things from God’s perspective. It will expand your relationship with fellow Christians.  It is a time where we become more involved with others.