Congregation of the Messiah

A Lively Church for Lively People

At Congregation of the Messiah, the Worship Service consists of praise songs, Scripture readings, a sermon, Eucharist and prayer. All of these are offered to God as worship in the context of the Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. Like most ancient churches, liturgy plays a central role in worship.

Our time of singing praises to God is lively with the use of both traditional Christian hymns and contemporary songs, the congregation is free to lift holy hands to God in adoration and/or worship quietly and solemnly. Our praises fill the sanctuary opening up the heavens, resulting in many sensing the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 22:3 "But thou art holy, 0 thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Following the Liturgical Calendar, the Liturgy of the Word continues with selected Scripture reading. Sermons are relevant and inspirational so that each one has a sense that God has spoken to them with a word of encouragement to continue joyfully in the Lord.


The service then moves to the Liturgy of the Eucharist, a celebration of the Lord’s Supper with some prayers offered in Hebrew much like those offered by Jesus to the Father at the Last Supper. It concludes with a final hymn or song and a Benediction (Final Blessing).

After the Worship Service, we have a time of fellowship with coffee and pastries. However, due to the new CDC guideline fellowship has been canceled until further notice. Healing prayer with the laying-on of hands and anointing with oil is available.